Our company produces research and development of underwater drones on 3D printing technology. In our developments we use only 3D printing technology for optimal production process. In the details of our drones we use composite plastic with the addition of carbon fiber. The main task of our drones is to obtain information in the aquatic environment for further analysis and study. Our drones can be used for the following purposes: - Tourism: video surveillance of underwater world landscapes - Study of underwater structures - Water condition ecomonitoring - Inspection of chemical tanks - Inspection of wells with drinking water - 3D mapping of the bottom - For fishing. Contact us and we will answer all your questions!



Basic kit underwater drone i-GOR

Underwater drone i-GOR can dive to a depth of 10 meters and make video the underwater world. On request it is possible to install research equipment and equipment for environmental monitoring on board.


Float Station

Float Station for underwater drone i-GOR

Float Station needed for radio transmission from board underwater drone. Float Station designed with maximum water protection electronics. 


AquaPod V2.0

Basic drone AquaPod V2.0

Float drone AquaPod V2.0 used for make video. On board established two video camera for underwater video and surface water video.

On request it is possible to install research equipment and equipment for environmental monitoring on board.



Engine WaterJet for water drone

Engine WaterJet possible to install on underwater drones and water drone.


Fish bait

Fish bait. Laser beam.

Optional underwater module with laser equipment for light fish bait.

A vertical drone is launched for long-term video surveillance in a certain radius. Drone operation time is more 18 hours.

Long time video survillance

Drone BXR


Microdron is a descent uncontrolled module with a video camera installed. The immersion depth of the module is up to 30 meters.

Option for AquaPod V2.0



We optimized models of underwater drones in high-poly models for use in computer games


Sell 3D model for GameDev.



Drone rental available for float drone AquaPod V2.0 and underwater drone i-GOR. Hourly and daily rentals are available.

Rental drone


Leningrad region, village Toksovo, Lake of Verojarvi

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